Big Data and Hadoop in Telecom Domain

The rapid pace of telecommunications data growth requires more efficient, scalable storage. So telcos are using Apache Hadoop to turn their burgeoning storage liabilities into strategic information assets. The following are some of the examples where Telcos are using big data to their advantage :- Analyze Call Detail Records (CDRs) Telcos perform forensics on dropped […]


Hadoop usage most typically begins with the desire to create new analytic applications fueled by data that was not previously being captured. While the specific application will be invariably unique to an industry, or organization, there are many similarities between the types of data.   Common types of Big Data:   Social Media Data: Win […]


1- hadoop version 7 releases :- 2- historuy & evolution 3- Hadoop Powered by 4- Distribution & Support 5- Hadoop Use Cases boston bombing march 2016– barac Obama second time – TIME MAGZINE Inside the Secret World of the Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win 6- sears use […]

Improve Customer Service using HADOOP

Any organization that provides a service will receive a lot of complaints, enquiries and feedbacks from customers almost every day. There are numerous interactions with customers, over telephone, email or face-to-face. These scenarios provide plenty of data which would be vital when it comes to improving customer service. Unfortunately, very few organizations actually use this […]

A deep dive to learn PIG.

One of the biggest reasons why the popularity of Hadoop skyrocketed in recent times is the fact that features like Pig and Hive run on top of it allowing non-programmers with functionality that was previously exclusive to Java programmers. These features were a consequence of the growing demand for Hadoop professionals. Other features that are […]