MapReduce – The Heart of Hadoop

In this article, we will learn: What is MapReduce Few interesting facts about MapReduce MapReduce component and architecture How MapReduce works in Hadoop   MapReduce: MapReduce is a programming model which is used to process large data sets in a batch processing manner. A MapReduce program is composed of a Map() procedure that performs filtering […]


Hadoop – the solution for deciphering the avalanche of Big Data – has come a long way from the time Google published its paper on Google File System in 2003 and MapReduce in 2004. It created waves with its scale-out and not scale-up strategy. Inroads from Doug Cutting and team at Yahoo and Apache Hadoop […]


Hadoop eco system books to read Even though Hadoop is a 10 years old technology still you will find less number of resources to learn it. They are different reasons for that. One of them is , Hadoop is rapidly changing technology and many people might have not tried all features of it. and some […]

HIVE-QL -word count

Word Count In Hive In this post I am going to discuss how to write word count program in Hive.Assume we have data in our table like below This is a Hadoop Post and Hadoop is a big data technology and we want to generate word count like below a 2 and 1 Big 1 […]

PIG-LATIN – word Count

Word Count in Pig Latin In this Post, we learn how to write word count program using Pig Latin. Assume we have data in the file like below. This is a hadoop post hadoop is a bigdata technology and we want to generate output for count of each word like below (a,2) (is,2) (This,1) (class,1) […]