MapReduce Use Case – Uber Data Analysis

In this post, we will be performing analysis on the Uber dataset in Hadoop using MapReduce in Java. The Uber dataset consists of four columns; they are dispatching_base_number, date, active_vehicles and trips. You can download the dataset from here- Problem Statement 1: In this problem statement, we will find the days on which each […]

Introduction To Functional Programming

In this Blog we will be discussing the basics of functional programming ,its need and characteristics and will focusing on the reasons which has made Scala popular. We also will be showing the detailed explanation for installation of Scala and execution of the first Scala application using both interactive shell and Integrated Development environment(IDE). Let’s […]

Scala Tutorial Part 2- Basics of Scala

In our previous blogs we covered the introduction to functional programming CLICK HERE , in this blog we will be discussing about the Control structures and the Functions in Scala. Here we will be explaining about the Arithmetic, relational, logical operators, if-else statement, while loops, For loops and methods. Arithmetic Operators As like in other languages, […]

Scala Tutorial Part 1- Basics of Scala

In this blog post we will be discussing about the basics of Scala programming like REPL, commenting in Scala, semi colon inference, keywords that are present in Scala, packages and how to import them, Declarations and finally the Data types. First we will look the Scala REPL. REPEL stands for Read Evaluate Print and Loop, […]

Run Your mapreduce code locally

In this blog we have explained in detail about how to run your mapreduce code locally in eclipse in any linux machine. After reading this blog you can easily run your mapreduce codes in eclipse without starting any of your hadoop daemons. Before getting started with the things let us learn something about local mode […]

Beginner’s Guide for Pig

Pig was initially developed by Yahoo! to allow individuals using Apache Hadoop to focus more on analyzing large datasets and spend less time in writing mapper and reducer programs.Pig enables users to write complex data analysis code without prior knowledge in Java. Pig’s simple SQL-like scripting language is called Pig Latin and has its own […]