Streaming Twitter Data Using Flume

We all know that Hadoop is a framework which helps in parallel processing using huge datasets called Big Data. This is just a basic introduction/definition of Hadoop and you can find tons of stuff on Hadoop, over internet. So, instead of discussing more on Hadoop, we will focus on the data which Hadoop will fetch […]

What Is Hive View?

Hive View For writing queries, we sometimes find it difficult to frame query when it is nested and complex. This scenario may often occur in the case of joins and we will be covering the same in this blog to simplify our way of querying in HIVE with help of VIEWS. When a query becomes […]

How to Write Script File in Hive?

In this blog, we will learn how to execute Script File in HiveWHY HADOOP?. Hive is a critical component of Hadoop and your expertise in Hive can land you top-paying jobs! Three ways to start Hive. 1. Hive shell: Command line interface 2. The Hive Web Interface is an alternative to using the Hive command line […]