Hadoop Admin Commands

In this blog we will be discussing about some of the Administration commands and how they work? Hadoop fsck Commands 1. Hadoop fsck / fsck command is used to check the HDFS file system. There are different arguments that can be passed with this command to emit different results. Please follow the below screenshot for […]

Beginner’s Guide for Hdfs

This post is about how HDFS handles data in batches and in real-time. This post will address all your queries on how HDFS stores data coming from different sources and in different forms, and also includes the basics of HDFS, starting from what Hadoop is, the different versions of Hadoop, changes in these versions, and […]

Merging Files in HDFS

In this blog, we will discuss about merging files in HDFS and creating a single file. Before proceeding further, we recommend you to refer to our blogs on HDFS. The links are provided below: Beginners-Guide-For-HDFS HDFS-Commands-For-Beginners Merging multiple files is useful when you want to retrieve the output of a MapReduce computation with multiple reducers, […]

Setting up Hadoop Cluster on Cloud

This blog focuses on Setting up a Hadoop Cluster on Cloud. Before we start with the configuration, we need to have a Linux platform in cloud. We will setup our Pseudo mode Hadoop cluster on AWS ec2 Instance. Note: Here we are assuming that you have an active AWS account and your Linux Instance is running. Also, make sure […]

Big Data Terminologies You Must Know

In this blog, we will discuss the terminology related to Big Data ecosystem. This will give you a complete understanding of Big Data and its terms. Over time, Hadoop has become the nucleus of the Big Data ecosystem, where many new technologies have emerged and have got integrated with Hadoop. So it’s important that, first, […]

Hadoop Multinode Cluster Configuration

In this blog we will describe the steps and required configurations for setting up a distributed multi-node Apache Hadoop cluster. Prerequisites 1. Single node hadoop cluster {If you have not configured single node hadoop cluster yet, then click below to configure single node Hadoop cluster first.} How to install single node hadoop cluster After configuring single […]

Linux Commands You Must Know

In this Blog we are going to discuss all the necessary and basic commands which  every IT professional working on linux platform should know. Computer-savvy individuals consider Linux as the best operating system owing its feature of getting customized more easily than its popular counterparts. To learn better there are screenshot attached with every commands […]