Converting JSON into CSV Using Pig

In this blog we will see how to convert JSON format of data into CSV format. We have created our own JSON format data from a CSV file using AVRO file format and we will be using the same JSON data in this blog. You can also download the dataset from this link. We will […]

PIG – Relational Operators

In this instructional post, we will explore and understand few important relational operators in Pig which is widely used in big data industry. Before we understand relational operators, let us see what Pig is. Apache Pig, developed by Yahoo! helps in analyzing large datasets and spend less time in writing mapper and reducer programs. Pig […]

Sentiment Analysis on Demonetization – Pig Use Case

Let us find out the views of different people on the demonetization by analysing the tweets from twitter. Here is the dataset where twitter tweets are gathered in CSV format. You can download the dataset from the below link Now we will load the data into pig using PigStorage as follows: 1 load_tweets = […]

Beginner’s Guide for Pig

Pig was initially developed by Yahoo! to allow individuals using Apache Hadoop to focus more on analyzing large datasets and spend less time in writing mapper and reducer programs.Pig enables users to write complex data analysis code without prior knowledge in Java. Pig’s simple SQL-like scripting language is called Pig Latin and has its own […]

Steps to Create UDF in Apache Pig

This post contains the necessary step required to  create UDF in Apache Pig.  All UDF should extend a Filter function and has to contain a method called exec, which contains a Tuple. The logic applied here is that if the Tuple is null or zero, it will give you a Boolean value: True or False. […]