Integrating Hive with HBase

A brief introduction to Hive: Apache Hive is a data warehouse software that facilitates querying and managing of large datasets residing in distributed storage. Hive provides SQL-like language called HiveQL for querying the data. Hive is considered friendlier and more familiar to users who are used to using SQL for querying data. Hive is best […]

How to Import Table from MySQL to HBase

Importing Table from MySQL to HBase In this blog, we will be discussing how we can export tables from MySQL database to an HBase table. Before moving further, to know how we can import table contents from MySQL to HBase table, we should know first why HBase came into the picture and how it overpowered […]

Read and Write Operations in HBase

HBase is the open-source implementation of Google’s Big Table, with slight modifications. HBase was created in 2007 and was initially a part of contributions to Hadoop which later became a top-level Apache project. It is a distributed column-oriented key value database built on top of the Hadoop file system and is horizontally scalable which means […]

Introduction to HBase Filters

In this post, we will be discussing the need for Filters in HBase architecture and its working. Before moving further, to know more about HBase Filters, we should first know why HBase came into the picture and how it overpowered the use of RDBMS architecture to handle Big data. Limitations of RDBMS Architecture Firstly, the […]

Beginners Guide to Apache HBase

Before understanding what is Apache HBase, we need to understand why It was introduced at first place. Prior to apache HBase, we had Relation Database Management system (RDBMS) from late 1970’s , and it helped lot of companies to implement the solutions for their problems which are in use today. Even today there are many […]